Tips from experienced presenters

Tips from experienced Hosts. How to make $500 a week

Organisation of work

“Spend your time in the app productively. Focus on the most profitable in-app activities – video calls and streaming! Spend at least four hours a day working. To become a highly popular presenter and have many fans, you need to be in the app systematically – at the same time every day. Users get used to this and get hooked on the presenter. Test to see what times work best for you and your time zone.”

Allice 22 years old, over 1 year in the application. Income $1,700 a month

“Take care of a beautiful background for your workplace. The user must have a wonderful experience with you to want to come back. Everything is important here – the girl’s clean image, the mood she created during the broadcast or the video call. And also an aesthetic background that creates associations with a specific host. It is not acceptable to broadcast and interact with users in the kitchen, against the backdrop of your clothes stack or a crumpled bed. Unless, of course, you want the user to remember you as a slob.

There should be good lighting during the streamer. Buy a blogger lamp

Nataly is 19 years old and has been on the app for six months. Income $2,400 a month.

How to communicate with users

“Direct all attention to the camera. Users come to the app for companionship and attention. Those hosts who give them that attention in full earn the most.

Always thank users when they give you a gift. Greet everyone who enters your live room. This is very important.

Invite the most active fans during the stream to a video call later in the broadcast. Constantly remind yourself of old admirers you’ve already been in touch with.

Gyna 27 years old, over 2 years in the app. Income $2,000 per month
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“There is no shame in asking for gifts during a stream. Always remind users during your live stream to give you gifts. Think of rewards for users who give gifts. For example, sing the user a song from a famous melody, give them a kiss or show them an unusual emotion. Constantly motivate your fans to give you gifts. That’s your livelihood.”

Tanya is 24 years old. More than 1 year in the application. Income $1,500 a month

“Be sure to enter the weekly banner competitions. Participating in these competitions is a good reason to motivate fans for gifts. The more often you are seen by a large number of app users, the more fans you will get.”

Jeni is 18 years old and has been on the app for 9 months. Income $1,300 a month

“During 1-on-1 conversations with users, content is NOT controlled by the system. In such situations, you can press the “blur the background” button in the top left corner of the screen during a conversation and you will not see the user and what they are doing. You will only be able to see yourself beautifully.

If a user asks for your phone number, Instagram, etc. – you can forget about it straight away! He’s not ready to spend money on you 100%. And if he also promises to pay you by card if you give him the number – it’s a scam, tested many times by our girls!

Kristina is 26. There are two months’ worth of applications. The income is $1,700 a month.

“Working options on how to get the user out on the call:

  • I’m all alone now and I’m sad, can you give me a call?
  • I bought a new dress today, call me and I’ll show you!
  • I’ve got this thing going on, it’s too long to write, call me !
  • call me and I will surprise you 😉
  • Really? Do you live in a city (asked in advance which one) ? It’s my dream to be there! Call me and show me your view from the window
  • I’m sure a charismatic guy like you has a very beautiful voice… can we talk?)
  • Are these really your pictures? I don’t believe it… call, show yourself in reality 😁
  • I’m very new here, can you tell me how to communicate here?)

Make up your own options based on the situation, do these messages several times a day to users online”.

Malika, 26, on 3 months app. Income $3,000 a month

What a top presenter looks like

“Use bright accessories. Hats, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belts, and more. Such little things are memorable and associated with a particular host. Do bright, stylish makeup. Your eyes and lips should stand out strongly in the frame. Lack of makeup does you a fat disadvantage. You’ll just get lost in the background and be uninteresting.

The clothes you are wearing on air should preferably be monochrome.”

Nadin 31 years old. Income $2,300 a month.

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