How to earn $500 a week with FancyMe app

How to get an income of $500 (weekly). Detailed plan for 2 weeks.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get to a regular income of $500 a week in just two weeks of work in the app, spending only 3 hours a day.

✔️ $250 you can get easily – a bonus to your basic salary. You only need to fulfill three conditions:

  1. You need 12 hours of streaming per week (open or closed – your choice).
  2. You have to score 80,000 points in a week for video calls. If the cost per minute of a video call = 300 points, you can meet this requirement by spending only 4.5 hours per week. To set 300 points per minute, you must upgrade your account to level 6. You can do it in one week. Details on how to increase your level
  3. You need to collect 160,000 points in a week for gifts.
    The gift points are the points received for all gifts in the live events (open or closed ticketed). Actively ask for gifts in your live broadcasts. Personally contact those users who are giving gifts and make them happy with your attention – send them an air kiss, tell them how charitable they are, sing them your favorite song to order, etc. This way of working encourages other users to give even more gifts and to step in for those who receive individual attention.

So, 12 hours of airtime per week + 4.5 hours of video calls = 3 hours per day on the app.

✔️ $240 you will get as a result of the above actions. Because 80,000 for video calls + 160,000 for on-air gifts = + $240 just for all the points

Total, $240 for points + $250 bonus for broadcasts = $490

By fulfilling the terms of the Live Rewards, you kill two birds with one stone – both a $240 base salary and a $250 bonus. Done! 3 hours a day on the above scheme and $500 steadily in your pocket a WEEK! That’s $2,000 a month.

🎯 Let’s summarize all the above:

In the first week, we are working to bring the account up to level 6. After a week, after reaching level 6, set the price per call to 300 points (the maximum)

In the second week, follow the scheme:
12 hours of broadcasts
160,000 points for gifts on all broadcasts
80,000 video points

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