. Как вести прямые эфиры.

Live Show. Ticketed streams. How to make money from live broadcasts.

Live Shows = Live Streaming = Streaming. These are all names for the same function.

There are three types of streaming in the app:

  1. regular open streams You learned about them in the previous study step. If you still don’t know how to turn on a Live show or you only have 5 people coming to your broadcasts, go back to Step 2 and study all the information carefully!
  2. closed ticket streams
  3. pk-streams

🎥 How to host open Live shows (live streaming)

Attention! In order to get real results and not just a tick box, the airtime should be at least 30 minutes. Short airings don’t gain fans and don’t add gifts. Time has been wasted.

There are a number of rules in an open live broadcast that can lead to you being fined and having your points taken away. To avoid this, you have to play by the rules.
Follow this link to find out all the rules for live broadcasting.

🔞 Private streaming sessions (paid tickets)

All eroticism is forbidden in public streaming. But a private streaming function is available for more liberated girls. In private, paid streaming, underwear dancing, twerking and stripping, erotic shows, etc. are allowed.

FancyMe app girl

What is ticketed streaming? It is the same as streaming, only users have to pay money (crystals) to watch it.

The streamer itself sets the ticket price that users have to pay to watch.

Ticket streaming involves content with a touch of eroticism – dancing in lingerie, playing with props, stripping, pole dancing, sexual games.

To connect closed streams you need to:

  1. record a 20-second video of the content you want to show in paid streams
  2. text the Manager in Telegram with your ID from the app and attach the video
How to enable VS Streaming and Ticket Streaming in the Fancy Me app
How to enable VS Streaming and Ticket Streaming

Once your manager has enabled the ticket streaming feature, you will have an additional button on the bottom control panel shaped like a heart with a padlock while streaming. Until this option is approved for your account, this button is not available. Select the ticket price for your streaming session and press the Start button.

Important! The cost of the tickets should be in line with the content you are showing. Users will not pay if you show regular content that they can watch for free in regular streams. Each user is entitled to only one free entrance to the speaker during the closed ticketed streaming session. For the second viewing, he must already pay.

First you need to do 5-10 minutes of regular streaming and entice users, and then switch to ticketed streaming. There you can leave your face off, broadcast lying down, etc.

Enable private streaming on tickets FancyMe
Enable private streaming on tickets

If a streamer does not use a paid stream or uses it incorrectly (does not use erotica), moderation will disable this feature for that presenter without the right to reconnect. Only connect a paid stream when you are ready to use it!

🎭 VS Streams

The VS function in streaming is the communication during a live broadcast between two girls. The VS streaming time is treated as normal live broadcast time. VS is the equivalent of a competition. While streaming VS, you can receive gifts and participate in competitions, meet other girls and have fun. This stream is 7 minutes long.

FancyMe pk-stream

How to collect a lot of gifts from the VS Streaming:

  1. Before the start of the VS Streaming, let the fans know what time and who you will be playing and ask for support.
  2. Agree with your friend what the punishment will be for the loser.
  3. Let the fans know that if you lose, you will be punished so that they will be motivated to help

Ideas for VS Streaming:

  • Drink 1 litre of water in a gulp
  • Eat a slice of lemon
  • Squat 10 times
  • Draw a moustache on your face
  • Washing off make-up on air
  • Drawing a monobrow
  • Girls wearing clothes of the same colour or style
  • Both girls show talent: singing or dancing. You can dance for 2-3 minutes and then chat to the fans for the rest of the PK
  • Both girls ask for themed gifts, having prepared pictures or photos of the gifts in advance. You can simply draw these presents on a piece of paper, a body, or sculpted out of plasticine during PK.
  • Girls making jokes about each other or flirting with fans
  • Girls eating food at speed
  • Cosplay – images of favourite characters

💎 How the presenter should look

A streamer is a must with beautiful make-up. The brighter the better. The streamer girl must have her hair styled neatly.

Examples of patterns for ethers:

The clothes should be plain-coloured. Solid coloured brightly coloured suits and plain black and white T-shirts and T-shirts with large accessories go well.

Cosplay is welcome and looks great

Good enough lighting. The light should be in front of your face, not behind your back. It is better to put the lamp behind your face, behind the phone camera. You can just sit in front of the window if it is bright outside. In the future, buy yourself a ring lamp for the blogger.

Fancy Room design

Remember to clean the camera and phone screen with a cloth or paper towel before broadcasting. Fingerprints on the camera really ruin the quality of the air!

💡 Workplace

Create a beautiful atmosphere in your room. You can hang lights or lights on the wall (small bulbs like on a Christmas tree or in a club).

If you are sitting on the bed, put a nice cover on the bed and put brightly coloured pillows or toys nearby. If you sit at a table, you can put fruit or pretty statues or flowers next to it.

It is recommended to play music popular throughout the world that plays as a background.

Use world holidays and decorate your workplace for New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc. This will really set you level up from other presenters and is guaranteed to increase your earnings!

🎯 How to communicate

This is the most important item. It is communication that sets out how much you will earn.

Eyes on the camera! Not at the top or to the side, just at the camera. You don’t have to watch TV or play on your phone, you have to look at your fans and talk to them, show them something, flirt with them.

Don’t be silent. In the start, users don’t write, they just come in to look at it. From what the presenter does, the user decides whether to stay or go on to see other presenters.

Welcome users. When a user connects to your broadcast, say their nickname (in-app username) and greet them: Hi Muhammad, welcome! Or just say periodically: Welcome, I’m Anna/Maria… Welcome, guys, good to see you. Learn phrases in English and other languages to welcome your guests.

The language of communication is not important. Users look at the girl herself first.

Fancy Me girl

Ask for gifts

During the live shows, app users enter the girls’ live rooms and give virtual gifts. Every gift a man buys for money. Models receive 50% of each of these e-gifts.

Users like to give gifts as it shows their status and makes them stand out from other users. It’s also a way of showing a girl’s respect. The main thing is to push your ” watchers” for gifts. It is absolutely necessary to do so. It is the norm to ask for gifts in the app.

Examples of hints

  • Get your hands on a toy car. I wish I had a car….Can anybody send me one?
  • Draw a butterfly or a lion, show the picture to the users. I love this so much! Could you send me a gift like this?
  • You can eat sweets and tell them that you like sweets and ask them to give you something sweet.

Example: A girl is holding a cup and asks if any of the fans can split a drink with her

FancyMe app gifts

Always thank every user who gives you a gift. Do it brightly and emotionally! As a thank you, sing a couplet from a popular song, give an air kiss, jump to the top of the house. Do something extraordinary and very emotional. You’ll start getting lots of gifts and think you’ve got a new fan!

Continue communication

If you smile and greet your guests, you are sure to get compliments and questions and gifts. Ask the users to subscribe to you. Please follow me. Thank you! Thank you for the gifts. Express your joy and compliment the givers.

After the broadcast, don’t forget to thank them in person, you can ask them to call.

A stable public is the key to a stable income. For those who give often, you can send your cute selfies that aren’t in the album, wish a good morning or night, you can learn a phrase or two in that fan’s language.

Examples of fan messages of praise:

  • Hi, thank you so much for the gift! You’re my favourite fan now! Let’s call each other. When’s a good time for you?
  • Honey, hello, I’m about to start streaming. I would appreciate your support ❤️💋

If you have any questions or difficulties with streaming, contact the FancyMe manager 👇🏻

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