Rules and penalties

Rules and Penalties

For breaking app rules – the account will be banned for 6 hours and the presenter will receive a penalty.

  • It is forbidden to give men any of your contact details (phone number, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, bank card number, etc.)
  • Inactivity on the air of the Live Show is banned. You can’t do your personal things, you can’t look out of the camera, you can’t step out of the frame. Immediately automatic ban!
  • Prohibited: nudity, erotica, pornography during public Live Shows and Super Mode.

Why get banned from the airwaves (streaming)

meeting or strike5000
Drugs, alcohol5000
dangerous actions5000
policy discussion3000
a child in the frame or his voice5000
erotica in public broadcasting4000
Intimidation, scenes of abuse5000
other app promotion3000
public broadcasting in lingerie3000
erotic movements in public broadcasting3000
a broadcast backdrop or signature in violation1000
dirty background1000
no presenter in the picture1000
no interaction with users1000
multiple accounts2000
hosting the broadcast in replacement of another person2000
showing a photo or video instead of on air2000
sleep or lie down3000
strangers in the frame5000
Very poor lighting, darkness1000

What gets banned from calls

black screen3000
blank screen3000
closed cell3000
absent face for a long time2000
the caller is a stranger, not the owner of the account5000

Any questions about Rules or Bans in the Fancy Me app ⚠️ Write in the comments 👇 We’ll answer all!

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