Fancy Me FindMe app how to withdraw money 1

How to withdraw money to a card

Fancy Me how to withdraw money?

There are 3 ways to withdraw money from the app:
1. Direct bank transfer by requisites;
2. AdvCash payment system;
3. With the help of Epay payment system;

Withdrawal method depends on the country where your bank card is issued. Below we will consider in detail and step by step all the ways to withdraw money from the application.

Brazil – direct bank transfer, Epay, Pix, PayPal


Russia, Belarus, KazakhstanAdvCash


Turkey – direct bank transfer; Epay


USA – direct bank transfer; AdvCash

Philippines – direct bank transfere, GCash, PayMania

Hosts from Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, and other Latin American countries that are not in the general list of withdrawals should select Brazil. Then select the Epay wallet. Once you have the money in your Epay wallet, you can send it to any card you wish.

In order to select the method of withdrawal and bind your details to the application, you need to go to the “Wallet” and click on “Salary wallet” section.

Fancy Me app how to withdraw money?

Click on “Edit Account”, then select the desired country:

Advcahs withdrav money

Withdrawing money via ADVCASH

To register in the electronic international wallet ADVCASH, Follow this link to the payment system advcash

FancyMe withdraw money Advcash

Now you need to verify so that your money can easily log in from the app. In the top right corner, click on your First and Last name and choose Verification from the drop-down menu.

FancyMe Advcash

Next you need to fill in your advcash profile. Enter your phone number and confirm with the code that comes in the sms. Upload photos of your documents, take selfies.

Advcahs withdrav to Fancy app

Done! Your wallet is attached well. Every day you can withdraw your money to AdvCash. With AdvCash, you can withdraw money to absolutely any card of any bank in the world. The most important thing is that your AdvCash withdrawal card is from the same country and with the same personal details that you entered in the AdvCash verification process.

To send money from AdvCash to your card, click on “Transfer funds”, then the “To card” tab.

Advcash and Fancy Me app

If you are having trouble withdrawing funds from the FancyMe app (FindMe), contact the manager urgently 👇🏻

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