FancyMe banners

Banners. What are the different types. Why we need it. How to sign up

Banners help to promote the presenter’s account. The more often a presenter joins the banners, the more her account gets new users and gifts. Joining the banners means having a live public broadcast at a selected time.

There are 2 types of banners:

  1. Regular banner
  2. Global Live House

⭐️ Regular banners take place on weekdays. The presenter can take turns several times during the week. During the stream, the presenter’s account is highlighted with a special advertising banner. To sign up for this type of banner, you need

  1. Choose a day of the week and a time (several are possible)
  2. Send FancyMe Manager your ID and selected time
    ☝🏼 Sign up for a regular banner at a minimum of one day before the banner. You can’t be late for the banner or you won’t get it up anymore. The broadcast during the banner should be beautiful, of high quality and should run at a minimum of 1 hour.

🌐 Global Live House. Some kind of activity should be shown: cosplay, singing, dancing, make-up, karaoke, drawing, etc. A banner with a link to the presenter’s live show is fixed at the top of the app in the broadcast section. It can be seen by all users in the region. To take part in this banner you need to:

Send the FancyMe Manager your ID and the kind of activity you will be broadcasting
☝🏼 You have until Thursday to sign up for this type of banner! After Thursday, participants cannot be added to the banner.

Any questions about banners? ⏰ Write in the comments 👇 We’ll answer everything!

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