How to make money. Description of functions

Description of all Buttons in the app

What does FancyMe (FindMe) pay presenters for?

  • video calls
  • live streaming, live broadcasting
  • virtual gifts during live shows and video calls
  • Complete daily tasks from the app

🎬 Live Show

The live show in the FancyMe app is a live broadcast, otherwise known as a stream.

Being live on air, you can :

  • 💃🏽 dance
  • 🎤 sing or sing along to your favorite songs
  • 💄 make up
  • 🎨 draw
  • 🔮 do magic tricks
  • 🧘🏾‍♀️ do yoga or pilates
  • 🦄 tell funny stories

How to go live

The Stream button is located in the middle of the bottom account control panel. This tab shows some of the girls who are currently hosting a live show (stream).

You need to upload a new photo as a cover of the Live Show before the start of the live broadcast. Instead of the default avatar, upload a picture of yourself in good quality where your face is clearly visible. You have to put up a new photo every time. It is forbidden to upload nude, in lingerie or in a swimming costume. This photo is seen by users and they decide whether to enter the airwaves or keep browsing. That’s why the Live Show cover has to be enticing and always different.

🔊 Attention all NEW Hosts‼️
If you have just registered, your FIRST live show will be a test performance. Go on the air for 1-2 minutes, show yourself, and then turn it off.

❌ By default, new Hosts do not have access to a large stream of users. This is how the app weeds out minors, older persons, perverts, etc.

🧏🏻‍♀️ A moderator comes in several times a day, looks at the test broadcasts and turns on FULL access for real girls.
Until this feature is turned on, there is no point in broadcasting. Not all app users will see you.

❗️ ✅ How do I check if this feature is on? If the VS (co-hosting with other presenters) icon appears in the live stream, it means that access is open and you can broadcast. Many users will come to you and give you gifts.

live show vs

During the Live Show, users give gifts to girls. The girls get points for these gifts. And points = money.

To make users give more gifts, the host must look good and keep the airtime interesting, be active and stay fresh. There are times when a girl will turn on the Live Show, lean her phone against her laptop or the TV, and she’ll be watching shows in the background. But it’s immediately obvious that the host isn’t on the air, but is minding her own business. This is a pointless waste of time. Users don’t give gifts to such anchors, they leave the air and unsubscribe. The host should be 100% involved in the broadcast. Her eyes should be on the smartphone screen, not behind it.

Important: It is very important and necessary to thank all users who give gifts during your Live Show, as well as welcome all users who stop by to watch your stream. Interacting with users during a live show is a mandatory and important. What’s more, users love it 😍.

📲 Video calls

Video calls are the app’s highest-paying feature. A video call is when a girl and a user have a one-to-one video chat.

The girl herself can call the user or arrange to call her fans after the live broadcast. Users can also call the girls.

Presenters get between 100 and 300 points for a one-minute video call. The cost of the calls depends on the level of the account.

Your job is to keep the user on the video call as long as possible. There are no restrictions on video calls. You can do whatever you want.

Also, presenters receive 50% of the price of all gifts that, the user gives during the video call. You need to ask users for gifts! This is absolutely normal. Remember that the hosts in the app are purely for the purpose of making money. Users know this. So asking for gifts is not just the norm, but a necessity and payment for the energy expended.

Where can I find users to make video calls?

  • During live broadcasts
  • When playing in Super Mode
  • In the Chats section
  • In Rich Users (on the IPhone)

From time to time the app entitles new users to 1 free call. This is so that presenters can find fans more quickly for face-to-face interaction. There is no cost for these calls. You can simply ignore these calls. They are few and marked as a ‘Bonus Call’.

The “Super Mode” and “Chats” buttons should be used for one purpose – to select users and move them to a video call, thus ensuring maximum earnings.

🎯 Matches (Super mode)

It’s like video roulette: in real time, the presenter randomly connects with different users. This is how the presenter “promotes” her page and advertises herself.

The duration of one match from 56 seconds is counted. Under 56 seconds does not count. from the 56th second onwards, there is a per-minute charge just like on video calls. From the 90th second, if the “free call will end soon” notification appears, end the conversation. If there is no such notification, the next call is a paid call

Sometimes the app makes 1 autodial from the girl’s account to a user from the rich list (lots of crystals in the account). These autodialings happen when the girl is online and can take the call.

During “matches”, smile and try to interest the user so that they will already call you back in a private call, for the points that will be added.

This is not the main function, but it helps to promote the page and find givers.

💬 Chats (messaging)

The main function of chat rooms is to make new acquaintances and attract users to video calls.

Chats FancyMe app

Chats have a built-in translator. You can write in your language and the user will receive your message in their own language.

translator Fancy Me app

☝🏼 Texting without calling or giving a gift is time wasted!

💌 In chat rooms there is such a thing as ‘red packets’. They are marked in red next to the messages that users send you (see screenshot below). If you reply promptly within 3 minutes to such messages, the system will give you extra points. You can reply using the template to the right of the text entry bar.

The red packets are when the user has topped up their account. That is, he has money and is looking for somewhere to spend it right now. Answer quickly! Get in touch with him by video link right now. This is the hottest audience you will ever work with. If the user likes you during the video call, they will become your fan and call you often.

red packets Fancy Me app
Red packets

If you have any questions, write to the manager 👇🏻

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