Where to start. Fill in your profile.

How do I start using the app?

What is the Fancy Me app?

The mobile app FancyMe (FindMe) is a streaming app where girls earn money by streaming live and talking to users.

For Android devices, the app is called FancyMe. For iOS, the app is called FindMe

Once you have uploaded your avatar and basic information, your profile will fly away for authentication (moderation). It takes 6-12 hours to authenticate and gain access to the platform. If your authentication (moderation) takes longer, write to our manager

Girls who work on the app are called streamers. You are now a streamer on the app, too. Men, aka app users, pay money to talk to girls from all over the world or to watch them live.

You will be awarded points. All points are converted to dollars the next day, at the rate of 1,000 points = $1. Accordingly, 10,000 points = $10, 500,000 points = $500. How many points you have earned is how many in dollars you will take away.

The working week in the app begins on Sunday, 00:00 Chinese time (in Beijing)
You can easily find the time at your location online by checking it against Beijing time.
The week ends at the same time a week later.

The first thing to do in the app is to go into the settings and set a password. And put it somewhere where you won’t lose it. This password will be used later when linking the wallet for withdrawal. And also to access the app.

Every time you log into the app, be sure to press the ‘Online’ button. This will attract users to your account because streamers who are online are always ranked higher.

Fancy Me Online

Preparing the profile for work

A well-designed profile is a guarantee of good performance and a large number of fans. The user first assesses the streamer’s profile and then decides whether they want to communicate with that streamer or continue searching. A picture, a voice, information about yourself, a short video – all this is an advertisement for your account. The more original information you have, the more fans you’ll get. Be sure to fill in all the details below. It makes your profile stand out from other streamers and encourages users to interact with you.

“My show”. (My Show) is a short video presentation of yourself. No underwear, nudity or cleavage may be shown in the video. You can wear bright make-up. The goal of the video is to get the user’s attention and motivate them to communicate with you. You can wave your hand, send a kiss, wink, etc.

(My Feed). (My Feed). This is your self-presentation. The more effective your video and audio is, the more money you can make. Upload a short eye-catching video – a visit card. Save a voice greeting for your future followers. Write any enticing status encouraging users to call you. Don’t write about being a mum of three or living in a village 😂 It’s not interesting. Show your personality and hint at what you can talk about. Show what you can be interesting about.

“My Voice intros” – say one or two phrases in English to encourage users to take action. You can offer to meet them in a video call or tell them that you are always open to communication. This promotes your account among other streamers. Be open, but not vulgar.

In the BIO you should write something about yourself in English. Write any enticing status encouraging users to call you. Get creative, you can be anything you want!

It is very important that the photos in the album are bright, varied and eye-catching. The photo should show you with make-up, styling and attractive clothes. Photos in the kitchen, in the dressing gown or in front of the mirror are NOT popular with app users.

On the iPhone, there will be a private album underneath the main album. The photos in it will be locked and users will have to pay a few coins to view them.

If you still have questions or are having difficulty completing your profile, contact the manager at 👇🏻

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