Rules of the Fancy Me app Pro

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For violations of the rules of the application Fancy Me – ACCOUNT will be BANNED

It is forbidden to give men any of your contact information (phone number, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, bank card number, etc.)

Inactivity during streaming or Super Mode is forbidden (more below)

Forbidden: nudity, erotica, porn during public Live Shows (streamers) and Super Mode. In private it is forbidden to undress during the first two minutes of communication (video calls)

The Fancy Me app’s basic rules

  • In the broadcasts on the ticket (closed streams)
  • When communicating during a private video call, starting from the 3rd minute (the first 2 minutes are moderated)
  • No underwear or nudity 
  • No tight tops, wet t-shirts, semitransparent clothing, low necklines, swimsuits, belly dancing or pole dancing costumes
  • No moaning, hitting or touching in the bikini area, sticking out your tongue, twerking, licking or sucking long objects, lying on the camera with your chest, or placing the camera on your body
  • Cannot lie on the bed under a blanket, be in a sheet, or in a towel
  • No sex shop items may be displayed
  • It is forbidden to do nothing on broadcast. For example: to leave the camera and go about your daily routine, sit in silence, just look at the phone or TV…
  • Broadcasting in public places (street, store, park, etc.).
  • Web streaming in a dark room without lighting, in semi-darkness
  • A camera aimed at the chest, back of the body or hip, camera pointed at the ceiling or covered
  • It is strictly forbidden to show children or men in the video (unless the host of the app is a ladyboy)
  • No alcohol or smoking allowed
  • The avatar must have a respectable and clear color photo. The girl’s face must be in full-face, no glasses or mask, no need to stick out your tongue. Hair should not cover even part of the face. Also there should be no stickers or smiley faces on the photo. You can use light photoshop and filters
  • On the picture of open live shows you can’t put a photo in a swimsuit, tight tops, lingerie, indecent pose, wet T-shirt, with deep cleavage and so on. The face must be clear

These rules apply to on-air nicknames, statuses and signatures.

You can:
Nicknames: Anastasia, Little Kitten, Best Girl, Lollypop, Cosmos, Yulia, Cutie…
On-air signatures: Chatting? Looking for introductions. / Come see me live on air! / Waiting for my prince / Please support me with your love.
Statuses:Looking for a real man / Hot girl, best girl / Love gifts / Call me to see me perform

You can send text messages like this:
Hi dear! Are you single?
You look cute! Can I see your face?
I’m wearing my best dress and a very handsome man. Would you like some?
I’m having coffee. Join me?

No hints of intimacy! No smiley faces or pictures of bananas, eggplants, peaches, etc.

You can’t:
Nicknames: pussy, squi@t, s.e.x.
On-air captions: full open show, big boobs, I’m naked in the shower
Statuses: full open show, sex for presents

You can’t send new users text messages such as:
I’ll show you everything.
Call me I’m horny….
Open open open open now
Want to see my pink pussy?

No hints of intimacy! No smiley faces or pictures of bananas, eggplants, peaches, etc.

What to do if you are banned from the Fancy Me app

We do not unblock Fancy Me accounts, which were registered using an invitation code not from this site!

If you would like to receive payouts, support and unbanned functionality from us, please create a new FancyMe app account. Use the new phone number and invitation code from our website:

  • Write a letter of sorry.
  • Take a picture with this letter
  • Send this photo manager Fancy Me app to the Telegram

Example of an excuse letter and photo:

My id (write your id number from the app) was banned for violating Fancy Me rules. I have studied the rules and will not make this mistake again. Please unblock my account

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If you still have questions, post a comment. We'll answer them all.

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