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At the bottom of your FancyMe account is the control panel. From right to left are the buttons:

  • Girl Profile
  • Chats with users
  • Live show – live streaming. Streaming on tickets. PK Streams
  • Rich / Advice
  • Super mode

Girl’s Profile

Work in the application should begin with filling out your profile. This is the key to popularity and good money. Each point is very important and must be filled out. How to properly fill out your profile is shown in detail below.

Accounts that do not meet all of the following requirements will not be allowed.

Only a personal photo in full-face should be installed on the avatar. Accounts with cats, flowers, other people, body parts (including decollete), any inanimate objects in the avatar are not moderated. Also, avatars with a poorly visible model’s face, such as a photo in profile, with glasses, with a headdress, face covered by the phone, are not accepted for moderation.

Avatar FancyMe app

My Languages. (Fluent Language). Specify the knowledge of languages. Even if you speak or understand a language a little – write it. You’ll practice your pronunciation with the user.

Language FancyMe app

Face Verification. (Profile Picture Verification Center) Every girl has to undergo a “face verification. For this, her face, color and length of her hair must be the same as the photo on her avatar.


Photo album. (Album)
Photos uploaded to this album will be available to everyone. You must upload at least 7 photos here. The more the better! It will make your account popular. Photos in swimsuit, underwear, nude are forbidden in this album.

Album FancyMe app

Secret album. (My private photo) To view the photos in the secret album, users will have to spend their crystals. The girl gets points at this moment . In the secret album, the girl uploads as many photos as she wants. You can upload ” piquant” photos to this album.

My private photo FancyMe app

My Show. (My Show) – a short video presentation of yourself. Change it every 2-3 days. You can’t wear underwear, nudity, or cleavage in the video. You can wear bright makeup. The purpose of the video is to attract the attention of users and motivate them to communicate with you. You can wave your hand, give an air kiss, wink, etc.

My show FancyMe app

My Feed. (My Feed). This is your self-presentation. The more effective your video and audio is, the more money you can make. Upload a short, engaging video. Give a voiceover greeting to your future followers. Write any enticing status that encourages users to call you. Don’t write about being a mom of three. That’s not interesting. Reveal your personality and let them know what you might be interested in talking about. 

FancyMe my feed

Personal information. Height, weight, occupation, education. Age can be specified by state of mind. My interests – just choose the categories that suit you best.
About me – write any enticing status that will encourage users to call you.

Fancy Me app about me


You don’t get points for chatting. But chats are necessary to get the user interested in calling you. Respond quickly! Those who are looking for communication here and now are ready to spend their crystals on you! Otherwise, the user, not getting a quick answer, will go looking for communication with another girl.

FancyMe chats

Chats have a built-in translator. You can write in your language and the user will receive your message in their native language.

Chat rooms are above all an opportunity to make new friends and persuade users to call you on a video call.

In addition, chat rooms have a concept called “red packets.” They are marked on the user’s avatar. If you quickly respond to these messages with a picture, the system will give you an additional 3-5 points. Red packets are a temporary feature to help new girls gain an audience of users.


Live Show

Live Streaming. A Stream

Warning! The stream (live) function for new hosts automatically opens after 12 hours.

Live shows in the FancyMe app is a live stream.

There are three types of streaming in the app:

  • Normal open streams
  • Closed ticketed streams
  • PK streams

How to go on the air (enable a Stream)

Streaming button is located in the middle of the bottom panel of the account. This tab displays some of the girls who are currently hosting a live show (stream).

Only girls who have filled out their profiles correctly and have been verified can stream.

start stream

Click on the camera icon. After that, I have to give a name to the broadcast. I can also notify all my fans (those who are subscribed to me) that I have started a live show. I press start and go on the air!

You have to wait a little while and my live room will start to be filled with users that I will be sure to welcome. Their number will be displayed in the upper left corner.

To enable the PK-eye feature, I’ll click here on the VS icon at the bottom of the screen, and choose my opponent from the list of those who are currently online.

And now read practical tips on what you need to do to earn a lot of money on streaming in the FancyMe app.

Closed Ticketed Streams

What is a Closed Captive Live Ticket Show? It’s the same stream, only users have to pay crystals (money) to watch it.

The girl herself sets the cost of the ticket, which users have to pay to watch. Each user is only allowed to log in to the host once for free. For the second viewing he must already pay!

Ticketed streaming involves content with a slight eroticism – dancing in lingerie, playing with props, striptease, pylon dancing, sexual games.

First you need to spend 15-20 minutes of the usual streaming and entice users, then switch to a ticketed streaming.

This feature is connected on request individually in the official Telegram FancyMe bot. For those hosts who have been connected to the closed live shows on tickets, the function is displayed in the tab “Live shows” on the right as a “heart with a lock” icon.

If the presenter doesn’t use the live show on tickets, or uses it not for its intended purpose (not using erotica), moderation disables this function for this presenter without the right to reconnect it.

PK Streams function

The PK function in the stream is the communication during the broadcast between the two girls live. PK time is considered normal on-air time.

During the pk stream, you can get gifts and competition, meet other girls and have fun. The time of this broadcast is equal to 10 minutes. PK is the analog of battles.

PK Life function FancyMe app
  1. The possibility of earning more in a short time. Fans like such short games, and they give more gifts to those who lead interesting paired airs.
  2. PK time counts as regular airtime.
  3. Way to attract more users. When there is PK time, more users come into the on-air room.
  4. You need to have at least 1-2 pk’s a day.
  1. Think of a theme and invite fans.
  2. Hold a competitive PK.
  3. Play the PK again to show the execution of the punishment (during it, you can ask for gifts for moral support).
  4. Thank the fans who gave gifts in personal messages and have a personal video call.
  1. Turn on the normal broadcast and click on VS at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Enter your friend’s ID or select a random girl from the list.

Note: The connection lasts for 10 minutes. When the PK finishes, the app will tell you which girl scored more points and won.

  1. Arrange a time with your girlfriend or pick someone random from the list.
  2. During the PK, actively communicate with the other girl, flirt with your fans.
  3. If you’re playing with a girlfriend, think about the topic of conversation or performance beforehand.
  4. Warning! Do not disconnect earlier than 10 minutes, or the points from the gifts will not count.
  1. Before the game starts, let the fans know what time and with whom you will be playing and ask for support.
  2. Agree with a friend what the penalty for losing will be
  3. Let the fans know that if you lose, you will be punished so they will be motivated to help.

Drink one liter of water in one gulp
Eat a slice of lemon.
Sit down 10 times.
Draw a mustache on your face.
Rinse off your makeup in the air.
Draw a monobrow.

The girls are dressed in the same color or style.
Both girls demonstrate talent: singing or dancing. You can dance for 2-3 minutes and then chat with fans until the end of the PK.
Both girls ask for themed gifts by preparing pictures or pictures of gifts in advance. You can just draw these gifts on a piece of paper, a body, molded out of plasticine during the streamer.
Girls teasing each other or flirting with their fans.
Girls eating food at speed.
Cosplay – images of favorite characters

There are two types of PC streams:
1. regular PC, in which all girls can participate at any time
2. there are official PC

The official PC is a regional battle between two girls from different countries. The winner can get +250,000 points. Learn more about the official PC and how to connect it here.


Different users are shown here, and the list is updated every 20 minutes. You can write to them first and make friends for video calls.

This section also contains banners with contests and bonuses. These banners are located at the top of the screen and you can swipe left and right.


Super Mode

It’s a kind of video roulette: In real time, the host randomly contacts different users (at random).

This is how the girl “promotes” her page and advertises herself.

Terms of payment in super mode

Duration of one match counts for 31 seconds or more. Duration under 30 seconds does not count. For 10 matches in super mode, the app makes 1 auto-dial from the girl’s account to the user from the list of rich people (a lot of crystals on the account). These autodialing happens when the girl is online and can accept the call.

A girl must pass a face control before using the Super Mode feature.

Super Mode FancyMe


There are a number of rules during the game in Super Mode, for violation of which girls’ accounts are penalized and blocked.


Video Calls

Video calls are the highest-paying function of the app. A video call is when a girl and a user have a one-on-one video chat.

The girl can call the user herself or arrange for fans to call after a live conversation. Users can also call girls.

How to make money on video calls and where to find those who will call

If you still have questions, post a comment. We'll answer them all.

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