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Girls who work in the app participate in promotions and earn even more points and money. FancyMe has daily, weekly, and one-time promotions.

All promotions are on banners in the Rich tab at the top of the screen. You can scroll left and right through the banners:

Click on the banner to find out the details of the promotion.

FanceMe app Bonuses Promotions

Attention! The end of any action is always fixed by Beijing time. (UTC +8.00)

Everyday promotions

Every new day, Beijing time, the app updates the terms of the promotion. These conditions are simple. Complete them during the day and earn extra points. 

Superstar Week

This is a weekly promotion. Three types of gifts are chosen each week. The three girls who collect the most gifts (one of the three) will receive +150,000 points

+$20 for review

Tell us about your work in the app and get an extra +$20 to your payout.

1 option + $20 per review:

To do a review, turn on screen recording on your smartphone, go to the app, turn on the live stream and do an in-app review during your stream. This option is only available for iPhones. Review should be more than 1 minute long. Send the video to a FancyMe on Telegram bot (follow the link and click “run”).

2nd review option +$10:

You tell Support in the bot the date and time (including time zone) when you are ready to do the review during your live stream. At the appointed time, you go live and do a review – a review of the app. Suitable for Android. Review should be more than 1 minute long.

Examples of what you can talk about in your review:

  • How you learned about the FancyMe app
  • Why you work in this app
  • What are your impressions of the app
  • How you can make money with the FancyMe app
  • How often the app pays money
  • What you’re not allowed to do in the app
  • What tips would you give to new girls who are just starting out in the app

Think of your variations…

Register your friends and get +10% of all their earnings

Recommend the FancyMe app to your friends and acquaintances, and get % of their earnings all the time!

A FancyMe host who has attracted a new host to the app will receive a commission on all of the new host’s payments. Accordingly, the more girls you register in the Telegram bot, and the more these girls will earn in the application, the higher will be your additional earnings (commission). Commissions are charged all the time while the girl you attracted receives payments.

Commission payments are made separately from the host’s basic salary. Your personal salary is paid separately. And a separate payment is considered a commission for the attracted girlfriends. Payment is made when the amount of commission reaches $50.

What do I need to get a % for the attracted girls?

  1. Give your friend the link to download the FancyMe app:
  2. Give your friend the invitation code. She must enter it when registering in the FancyMe app. The invitation code depends on the region she is currently in. Here is a list of all invitation codes.
  3. Once your friend has created an account in the app, take her FancyMe account ID. Register your friend in the Telegram bot in the Bonuses section (click on the link, press “start”, then the “register a friend” button). After that, your friend will always be assigned to you and you will receive a % of her earnings.
  4. Give your friend the link to the Telegram bot
    In the bot, she will be able to complete training and receive payouts.

If you still have questions, post a comment. We'll answer them all.

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Start making money with FancyMe

Invite your friends and always get 10% of their earnings

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