How to earn from streaming in the FancyMe app (Live Show feature)

Как веcти стримы FancyMe


You have to take your work on the app seriously. During the broadcasts, the presenter is seen by many strangers who are looking for friends to talk to. If a girl goes on a visit, to an exposition, or on a date, she puts on makeup, and wears pretty, festive clothes. To work on an app, you also need to put on makeup and dress nicely. The better your appearance, the more people will want to communicate with such a girl, and give her a lot of gifts. You don’t have to be average.

Examples of looks and clothes for ethers:

  • Makeup
  • Beautiful bright clothes (sexy, cosplay, themed clothes), accessories (huge earrings, hat)
  • A clean, tidy backdrop (indoors is a must!)
  • Enough lighting. The light should be in front of the face, not behind the back. It is better to put a lamp behind your face, behind the phone camera. You can just sit in front of the window, if it is bright outside. In the long run, get yourself a ring lamp for the blogger.
  • Don’t forget to wipe your camera and phone screen with a cloth or paper towel before airing! Fingerprints on the camera really ruin the quality of the broadcast!
  • Background, lighting, clean camera

The Atmosphere

  • Create a beautiful atmosphere in your room. You can hang lights or lights on the wall (small lights like on a Christmas tree or in a club).
  • If you sit on the bed, lay a beautiful bedspread, put brightly colored pillows or toys next to it.
  • If you sit at the table, you can put some fruit or beautiful figurines or flowers nearby.
  • It is desirable to play popular music around the world that plays as a background
  • Use world holidays and decorate your workplace for New Year, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc. This will really set you apart from other presenters and is guaranteed to increase your earnings!


This is the most important point. It is communication that determines how much you earn.

You must! Look into the camera! Not at the ceiling or to the side, but at the camera. You don’t have to watch TV or play on your phone, you have to look at your fans and talk to them, show them something, flirt with them.

Please don’t be silent. In the beginning, users don’t write, they just come in to watch. From the way the presenter behaves, the user decides whether to stay or go on to see other presenters.

When a user connects to your broadcast, say their nickname (in-app username) and welcome them: Hi, Andrew! Welcome! Or just say periodically: Welcome, I’m Anna/Natalya… Welcome guys, nice to see you. Learn phrases in different languages to greet your guests.

streaming fancyme 2

Ask for gifts

During live shows, app users go into the girls’ live rooms and give virtual gifts. Each gift a man buys with money. Models receive 50% of each such electronic gift.

Users like to give gifts because it shows their status and makes them stand out from other users. Also, it’s a way to show attention to a girl. The main thing is to push your ” lookers” to give gifts. This should definitely be done. It’s the norm to ask for gifts in the app.


  • Take a toy car in your hands. I wish I had a car….Can anybody send me one?
  • Draw a butterfly or a lion and show the picture to users. I love this so much!
  • You can eat sweets and say you love sweets, ask them to give you something sweet.
  • Example: a girl is holding a cup and asks if any of the fans can share a drink with her

ALWAYS! Thank every user who gives you a gift. Do it in a bright and emotional way! As a thank you, sing a verse from a popular song, send an air kiss, jump to the ceiling. Do something extraordinary and very emotional. You’ll start getting lots of gifts and consider that you got a new fan!

Continuing communication

If you smile and greet your guests, you are sure to receive compliments and questions and gifts. Please ask users to subscribe to you. Please follow me. Thank you! Thank you for the gifts. Express joy and compliment those who give to you.

After the broadcast, don’t forget to thank them in person, you can ask them to call you later.

If they write you something vulgar or unpleasant, ignore such people.

Please don’t forget to write to those who gave you something, just communicate with them, invite them to the broadcasts. A stable audience is the key to a stable income. To those who often give, you can send your cute selfies that are not in the album, wish you good morning or night, you can learn a couple of phrases in the language of that fan.

The differences of streaming

Attention: The regular broadcast must contain regular content not forbidden by censorship. Ticketed broadcasts must include erotica. If you show erotica on the regular air and sit fully clothed on the ticket air, you will be blocked from this feature.

On the air on the ticket you can not show your face or wear a mask, be in underwear or cleavage, even naked, bathe in the bathtub, smoke, etc.

In any broadcast, whether regular or ticketed, it is necessary to communicate with fans, you cannot be silent all the time and ignore users entering the broadcast room.

Participate in the official PK

Official PK are when 2 presenters from different countries of the world make a collaborative stream and contest

Such a PK is actively advertised among users, special advertising banners are prepared for it.

It is necessary to play three PK rounds of 10 minutes each. The winner is the one who has more points than her opponent in all 3 rounds.

Actively participate in such PKs because:

  • Users like to compete and give more gifts to those who ask for support on PK.
  • During PKs, twice as many users see you as usual.
  • There are rewards for winning PKs
  • During the PK you can make friends with presenters from other countries,
  • Make new friends, learn a new language, etc.
Pk streams example Fancy ME app

To apply for the official PK, send to FancyMe moderator in Telegram your application ID, date and time (Beijing time) when you are ready to hold a battle.

If you still have questions, post a comment. We'll answer them all.

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