How to increase your level and earn more points


Girls can get real points for completing daily tasks. The higher the level the higher is the price per minute for video calls. The higher the level the more perks and privileges will be given.

Each FancyMe host has an account level. There are 6 levels in total. The level is set automatically according to the results of the previous week.

Fancy Me level

A new level – a girl just registered. The first week since registration.

Black level – the girl didn’t work last week.

The higher the level, the more privileges. As the level increases, the cost of video calls increases, and the account itself rises higher in the ranking of all presenters. The higher the level, the more popular the presenter and more users see her.

The number of points scored and the percentage of incoming calls received, as well as their duration, affects the increase. If the user himself disconnected within the first 5 seconds, or the girl was offline or on the air, the missed calls do not count and the percentage of receiving calls is not lowered.

For levels 4-6, you need to meet the requirement on calls, or matches (one of the two).

Levels Fancy Me app

What are the benefits of levels?

Levels Fancy Me


  • Only new accounts and level 5-6 accounts are placed at the top of the app. The higher the level, the higher the placement.
  • Only Level 3-6 accounts have autodialing. For every 10 matches in super mode gives one autodial.

This is how the levels look like in the account. The price per call can be set once a week. To set the price or to check what it is costs, you need to click on the “Privileges” tab.

Streamer levels

WARNING: Every time you start working in the app, it is necessary to turn on the “Online” button and turn it off before you exit. If you do not do this, the account rating will be spoiled!

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