How to make money on video calls in the FancyMe app


How to make money on video calls in the FancyMe app

Most of your earnings come from private calls.
You get 150 to 450 points for one minute of a video call.
The cost of the call depends on your account level. The higher the level, the higher the cost of calls.

Your task is to keep the user in the video call as long as possible.
There are no limits in video calls. You can do whatever you want. You can even undress.
The main rule – the first 3 minutes of the video call you should be dressed up and not show any eroticism. The first 3 minutes are moderated. If a girl takes her clothes off in the first 3 minutes, the app will block her account.

Also, the girl gets 50% of the value of all gifts, which, the user gives during the video call. You need to ask users for gifts!

To make good money on video calls you have to:

  • To communicate with users on any topic
  • Compliment users
  • Flirt with them
  • Smile a lot
  • Ask them to give you gifts
  • Thank them for their gifts

❓ Where do I get users for video calls?

In the “Chats” section.
In the “Rich Users” section.
During live broadcasts.

If you are in the app but do nothing, sit and wait for someone to call you, nothing will work. It doesn’t work that way. You have to take action!

❓ How do you provoke a user to make a video call?
Make a beautiful video stream. During the stream, provoke users to give you gifts and ask, “Do you want me to do this especially for you after the stream?”
You can ask the user to call you at a certain time. “Can I see you? I’d really like to see what you really look like and get to know you better.”
You can send men messages like this:
“you’re so beautiful in your avatar, I can’t even believe it. Can I see you?”
“I’m so tired of typing… Can we video chat?”
“I just got off the beach/gym/party. I have so much interesting stuff for you!”
“I was starting to forget what you look like. Will you call me?”

The longer the video call lasts, the more money the girl makes.

❓ How do you prolong the communication time?
Ask more questions about topics that interest the user. Tell them that you made time for them today, even though you are busy. Let the user know how important they are to you.

If the user enjoys video chatting with you, they will become your regular guest and will call again and again.

From time to time the app entitles new users to 1 free call. What is it for? So that girls can find fans for personal communication faster. There is no fee for such calls.
You can just ignore such call. They are rare and are marked “Bonus call”.

If you still have questions, post a comment. We'll answer them all.

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