How to become a Fancy Me app agent in India

To become a FancyMe app agent in India, you must receive an agent ID. Each agent has an individual agent ID number. Write to the manager of the app on Telegram with your first name, surname and country

Don’t sign up girls until you receive your Agent ID!

How much agents get paid for signing up girls on the Fancy Me app

Agents get a percentage of the earnings of all the girls they register. Girls who work in the app are called “Hosts”. If the host is effective, the agent earns money too.

For information about how much girls from India earn on the Fancy Me app, click here

Agent’s commission depends on the sum of points, scored by all his hosts in 1 week. New week starts on the app in Beijing time.

fancyme agents

For example, if all of an agent’s top scorers for a week have accumulated a total of 830,740 points, then the agent will receive 7% of their earnings. If all of your agent’s girls have accumulated over 3,000,000 points in a single week, you will receive a commission of 15% of your hosts earnings for that week.

Important: Agent’s commission will not affect earnings of the hosts. Agent’s commission will not be deducted from a hosts income. Agent commissions are paid extra by the FancyMe app.

Agents get paid every week to their Payoneer account. Learn more about how to create an account in the Payoneer payment system here. Agents receive payouts when the commission sum is higher than $50. If the agent’s commission amount is lower, the money will be added on his balance until it accumulates to $50.

The gap between a week’s work and the payout is one week. That means presenters and agents get paid one week later and not the next week.

How to become a new agent for the Fancy Me app in India

Only agents who have received their personal Agent ID number can register girls. To get your Agent ID, text your first name, last name, and your country manager of the Telegram app.

How to register new girls from India

To register a girl from India in the FancyMe app, an agent must take a video presentation from her. Accounts that are registered without providing a video presentation will be banned.

Example of video presentation:

What to say in the video: name, city, why she wants to work in the app. You can add information about your talents.

What videos are not accepted: erotic, nude, porn, girl silent videos, music and dance videos.

Agents register new girls in the Telegram bot in the section “For agents”. Below is a step-by-step algorithm on how to register a girls from India correctly:

  1. Send the girl from India a example of a video presentation and the text they have to say in the video. Get a video presentation from the girl. Check if the video complies with the rules of what a video should be. If the video does not comply with the rules, the girl must make and send the agent a new one.
  2. After you get a good video from the girl, give the girl you recruited on the app a link to download the FancyMe app, video instructions on how to sign up, invitation code for India

Download link for iPhone

Video instructions iPhone 

Download link for Android

Video instructions Android

3. Once your host has created an account in the app, take her ID number from her FancyMe account. Register your host in the Telegram bot:

  • Go to the “For Agents” section of the Telegram bot
  • Click the button “New host registration”
  • Enter your personal Agent ID number (if you don’t have an Agent ID, get one. Write your first name, last name, your country manager in Telegram)
  • Enter the ID of the girl you are registering
  • Choose the region India

4. Send your host a link to our Telegram bot
Write to the girl to follow the link, press “start” and select the language of the bot. She will then be able to take the training, receive payouts, will learn the rules. The bot will send her automated messages to teach her how to use the application. She has to do everything written in the training messages.

5. Send to the manager in Telegram: Name and surname of the girl, her video, her ID from the Fancy Me app.

Your host will always be assigned to you and you will get % of her salary.

You can only register one presenter during the registration process! If you need to register more than one presenter ID, register each one separately. A new host ID is a new registration. Do not try to enter more than one ID at once!

Attention! It is forbidden to poach presenters already working in FancyMe, registered earlier by other agents. The presenter gets into her account in any case, and will remain assigned to the agent who registered her earlier. You can only poach girls from other apps.

How an agent can add their payment information to receive payments from FancyMe

To receive payments, an agent must create an account in the Payoneer payment system

To receive payments to your Payoneer account, an agent must enter his or her payment information into the Telegram bot:

  • Select the “For Agents” section
  • Press “Enter payment details” button
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter your Agent ID, which you received earlier. If you don’t have an Agent’s ID, get it. Write your first and last name and the country you are in to the manager of the Telegram
  • Enter the email address you used earlier when creating your Payoneer account

If you still have questions, post a comment. We'll answer them all.

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