Policy for Agennts FancyMe FimdMe app

Agents Policy FancyMe & FindMe app

An agent starts a partnership with FancyMe with min 5 girls.

Once an agent is ready to work and has 5 girls, he receives a personal invitation code and download links. Please watch the video instruction on how to properly download the app on IOS & Android

! Girls from India are no longer allowed to register !

Agents get 10% of the amount of points of all girls earned during the week. At the same time, the number of all points earned by all girls must be at least 25,000.

If the number of girls receiving a pay check reaches 30, and the sum of all their points is more than 1,000,000 for the week, the agent receives 20% of all the money earned by the girls.

Number of girls receiving a salaryMinimum sum of all points by all girlsAgent Salary

Agents get paid once a week on Fridays for the previous week.

The money goes to the Epay wallet or AdvCash wallet. And from the wallet the agent can withdraw his money to any card in the world.

Girls can withdraw their money every day directly from the application.

! Please note: Agents’ commission and girls’ salary are counted separately for each week and cannot be added up to the previous week. The minimum number of points a girl must earn in a week is 5,000 points. If a girl accumulates less points, these points will be lost. The work week begins and ends on Sunday at 0:00 Peking time.

As soon as an agent registers a new host, he immediately resets her ID to the FancyMe manager https://t.me/FancyMe_pro 

From this moment, the host is considered to be assigned to that agent.

After the agent sends the new presenter ID, he must give the presenter a link to a Telegram bot to train the girl. Many agents don’t make money on hosts because they don’t train them or they don’t do it right. We will train your hosts to work in the app ourselves so they are guaranteed to bring you agency income.


Salary Terms for Hosts

basic poiment for points

Note: no matter how many points a girl earns during the week, all points are paid in the ratio of 1,000 points = 1 U SD. If a girl earns 12,400 points for the week, her pay check will be $12.4

A host can make money from Live shows or from video calls with users. It is possible to combine these two types of earnings.

Payment for Live
Agents Policy FancyMe & FindMe app 5
Video Calls Salary
Agents Policy FancyMe & FindMe app 6
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